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INKBIRD WiFi 6” Inline Duct Fan with Temperature Humidity Intelligent Controller IVC-001W

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The duct fan has a large air volume, low noise, and fast speed and has the functions of ventilation, deodorization, and temperature regulation. With a Wi-Fi-enabled smart controller with automatic, manual, and timer modes, creating a comfortable living environment for our family, plants, and pets.

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Know Your 6-inch Wifi Duct Fan How to Work

Inline duct fan function: increases airflow and heat dissipation, achieves:

  1. Maintain an odor-free environment;
  2. Maintain adequate airflow in all areas.


Not only has basic temperature and humidity triggers, but also guides the air through your target location, in the 0~10 level wind speed adjustment range, the relationship between air volume/wind speed/noise decibel changes perfectly meets your indoor/growth needs





low noise


  1. During installation, please ensure that all accessories are installed properly and that the fan structure can withstand the load generated by the fan running at full load.
  2. Before use, please ensure that the power supply is disconnected even if this product is powered off.
  3. Before plugging in power, please ensure that the voltage and frequency of the main power supply match the data on the product nameplate.
  4. Do NOT remove the iron clips on the fan blades as they balance the fan.
  5. This product is not suitable for children or frail people, unless supervised by a responsible person to ensure that they can use this product safely.
  6. Before use, be sure to remove the equipment residue that may have been sucked into the fan, and clean up the ducts.


Child Lock/ECO Mode on Smart Controller & INKBIRD APP


High Quality for Long-time Use, ABS shell, Strong fan blades, EC motors


6-Inch WiFi Inline duct fan



Wifi Enabled Smart Controller

◉Wi-Fi enabled smart controller, remotely monitor via smartphone anytime, anywhere
◉Supports temperature alarms, humidity alarms, and calibration function

Efficiently Achieve the Control of Temperature & Humidity

◉Relative Humidity Detection Range: 0~100%RH
◉Relative Humidity Detection Accuracy (at 25℃): typical value ±2%RH ( Humidity Display Accuracy: 0.1%RH)
◉Temperature Detection Range: -40℃~100℃/-40℉~212℉
◉Temperature Detection Accuracy: typical value ±0.3℃/±0.5℉(Temperature Display Accuracy: 0.1℃/℉(<100℃/℉),1℃/℉(>=100℃/℉)

Low Noise at 32dB

◉Duct Fan Power: 110~240Vac 50/60Hz
◉Smart Controller Power: DC24V
◉Airflow: 350CFM
◉Fan Speed: 2500 RPM
◉Noise: 32dB-A

Package Content

◉Duct Fan Unit 1x Inline Duct Fan 2x Duct Clamp 6x Wire Tie 6x Wire Tie Mount 6x Wood Screws 6x Wood Screws (Wall Hang)
◉Controller Unit 1x Smart Controller 1x Temperature-Humidity Probe 2x Machine Screws (Wall Mount) 2x Wood Screws (Wall Mount) 2x Wood Screws (Wall Hang)