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“Home should be warm, living should be cool and with INKBIRD, we'll do better!

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Brand Story

INKBIRD is the messenger soaring in the sky of smart IoT industry

Born in 2010, INKBIRD was originated from two kite-chasing boys who held full spirit of technologies.
INKBIRD is formed of INK and BIRD. INK was used to be written with quill-pen in the old times for inheriting civilization. So inspired by the history of quill-pen and INK, the founders named the brand starting with the word INK to encourage the development of the company.
While BIRD is the symbol for the spirit of freedom and inspired by The Wright brothers’ history of inventing the world's first airplane, the founders named the brand ending up with the word BIRD to represent innovation and freedom.
INKBIRD is inspired by the development and innovation of human being’s civilization and now soaring in the sky of smart IoT industry.