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Digital Hygrometer ITH-20

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  1. ITH-20 digital indoor thermometer and hygrometer, temperature and humidity gauge is a very convenient unit that can simultaneous display temperature and humidity.
  2. It can memorize maximum and minimum values of temperature and humidity and switch between °C and °F mode. Suitable for household, guitar case, green house, office, labs and etc.
  3. The display has accurate, reliable temperature and humidity readings. The simple, visual LCD screen shows the current temperature and humidity.



Main Features

Temperature and humidity displaying: INKBIRD ITH-20 supports to display temperature and humidity simultaneously, we can monitor them both easily.

Temperature and humidity records: INKBIRD ITH-20 offers saving and recording the maximum and minimum values of temperature and humidity, which offers us helpful references for our subsequent use contexts.

No reading confusion: INKBIRD ITH-20 supports both Celsius and Fahrenheit reading methods, we can switch them easily based on our reading habits, no more reading confusion anymore.

LCD display screen: INKBIRD ITH-20 adopts LCD display screen to show temperature and humidity and divides it into two parts, one to display temperature and the other to display humidity, besides, it applies comfort and user friendly indicators, which makes it cozy and comfortable to use.

Two installation methods: We can place it on the desk or mount it into the wall based on our practical use contexts or our habits, which makes it more user friendly and humanized.

Measuring range: its temperature measuring range is -10℃~50℃ (14°F~122°F), while its humidity measuring range is 10%~99%RH with its sampling period of 10 seconds, which makes it very suitable for most application contexts such as household, guitar case, green house, office and labs.

Physical keys with more tactility: INKBIRD ITH-20 adopts physical keys for operation with more product tactility. It has 3 buttons on the back, [LCD ON/OFF] to turn on/off LCD display, [CLEAR] to clear the memory of MAX/MIN data, [℉/℃] to switch ℉/℃ reading method.